2016 Has Been Rough On MJNA

Use Caution With This One

Medical Marijuana Inc (MJNA)


MJNA (Medical Marijuana Inc) is the first publicly held company vested in the industrial hemp markets.

The company comprises a diversified portfolio of products, services, technology and businesses solely focused on the production of high concentrate CBD (cannabidiol) products.

These products range from patented and proprietary based cannabinoid products, to seed and stalk or isolated high value extracts specifically manufactured and formulated for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries.

The Company’s services are extensive and varied, ranging from medical clinic management to the capitalization and development of existing industry business and product leaders. Services include development of cannabinoid based health and wellness products, and the development of medical grade compounds.

MJNA provides over 85 proprietary and patented cannabinoid “delivery methods” that are more “socially and medically acceptable” than typical industry methods. Finally, MJNA services include the licensing of its proprietary testing, genetics, labeling, and packaging, tracking, production and standardization methods for the medicinal herb industry.

Could Questionable Mergers Derail MJNA’s Momentum?

In the summer of 2012, Medical Marijuana Inc made an acquisition that was at the time viewed as forward thinking and a game changer. In the hopes to control a patented delivery system for THC infused gum products, MJNA entered into a joint venture with Canchew Biotechnologies.

At the time, Canchew Biotechnologies was supposed to be readying it’s first shipment of chewable THC infused gums to stores. Nearly 2 years later and that shipment has still not be delivered. Now, MJNA is feeling some heat to improve their overall fundamentals and dropping their large stake in Canchew Biotechnologies seems destined to happen in the next 60 days.

This move will help shore up their declining fundamentals and generate some much needed non-operating revenues to give investors a slimmer of hope.

Not So Fast On Slowing Down The Momentum….

While the entire CanChew episode is one that MJNA holders would be wise to move on from, the company did have some good news on another THC infused product venture. Just this month, the company announced that they have settled a dispute with Dixie Elixirs and Edibles over their Red Dice Holdings partnership.

MJNA’s chief operating offices, Michelle Sides, said in May that:

“This is great news for our investors as well, as it allows management to dedicate 100% of our focus to our stated mission, which is continuing to innovate within the hemp-derived CBD market.”

The agreement allows Medical Marijuana Inc to control and license Dixie Botanicals, a division of Dixie Elixirs and Edibles that focuses solely on hemp derived CBD products. Dixie Holdings, the parent company of both Dixie Elixirs and Edibles and Dixie Botanicals, agreed to sell all of their outstanding holdings and interest in the Red Dice Holdings partnership and then purchase back all intellectual property and brand marks for their Dixie Elixirs and Edibles from Red Dice Holdings.

This move shows some savvy strategic vision for both Dixie Elixirs and Edibles and Medical Marijuana Inc. As the move is truly a win win for both companies and allows them each to go back to their primary investors with good news. Dixie Elixirs is now able to focus solely on their popular line of THC infused drinks and edibles while handing off all Hemp derived ventures to MJNA.

Overall, MJNA is what we consider as our the safest play in penny stocks to watch and buy in 2014 in the marijuana stock market.